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“Guidable Q&A” serves as an online platform as well as a personal concierge for foreigners who are visiting Japan to acquire useful information regarding their travel or daily lives. Such information is provided through a Q&A format. We make Guidable an online community that connects both users and information providers together.

Manage the website about how-to in Japan

We manage a website related to ‘how-to in Japan’ that are written by multinational writers who live in Japan. Categories of those ‘how-to’s’ include “MOVE TO JAPAN”, “SHOPPING / SERVICE”, “WORK” “EDUCATION”, “HEALTH” “ENTERTAINMENT”, and “CULTURE”. Based on our research, there are over 1,000 questions that foreigners tried to ask online when they were traveling in Japan. We plan to provide as much beneficial information as possible for visitors through this website.

Make the website

We can make the Multilingual website and contents marketing. Feel free to ask us anything! Sent us the mail “info@guidable.co.jp”

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Our main product “Guidable Q&A”

“Guidable Q&A” is a platform provides information as a personal concierge for Non-Japanese people who visit or live in Japan to acquire information regarding to its travel or even daily life.
When you travel or visit another country, it is usual that you would take use of its domestic or original contents which is uploaded on its online medias. However, it takes time to finally find what you are really looking for. Especially in Japan, those online contents in English are still not many except Travel information. Therefore, it is difficult for non-Japanese people to find any other information except traveling in Japan such as mentioning about daily life in Japan.
Guidable is providing above information taking use of Q&A based way. We make an online community which connect users and information providers. Compare to using database or web-searching by-the-numbers, Guidable is caring humanly communications. User would feel easy to not only ask questions but make communications, so that the services would be user friendly.
The information would not only be travel info but daily life and anything about Japan, so that the user who visiting or living in Japan will enrich their stays more than usual. Moreover this can trigger Japanese tourism inbound needs to another level.
The languages would start with English. Other languages would be coming soon.

Guidable Q&A

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